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Stanisław Batowski





Австро-Венгрия , Польша, СССР


Академии изобразительных искусств в Вене и Мюнхене

Станислав Качор Батовский (польск. Stanisław Kaczor Batowski); 1866, Львов — 1946, Львов) — польский художник-баталист.

В 1883—1885 гг. обучался в Школе изящных искусств в Кракове в классе Владислава Лужкевича и Флориана Цинка.

Затем с 1887 по 1889 гг. продолжал учебу по рисунку и живописи в Академиях изобразительных искусств в Вене и Мюнхене у Александра фон Лейзен Майера. Позже стажировался в Париже и Италии, осуществил поездки в Испанию, Марокко и Крым. Побывал в Соединенных Штатах. Затем вернулся в родной город, который больше не покидал до конца жизни water bottle glass.

В 1903—1914 Батовский руководил собственной школой живописи — Свободной академией искусств во Львове. Был в числе основателем львовской ассоциации молодых художников «Młoda Sztuka» («Молодое искусство»).

Художник Станислав Качор Батовский специализировался в батально-исторической живописи, писал пейзажи, портреты и картины религиозного жанра. Пробовал себя в графике, занимался проектированием акций львовских промышленных предприятий, в частности, компании «Merkury» во Львове (1921).

Будучи поклонником творчества Яна Матейко и Генрика Сенкевича, создал серию иллюстраций к «Трилогии» Г.Сенкевича («Огнём и мечом» uniform designer football, «Потоп», «Пан Володыёвский»).

Занимался также настенной росписью. Создал витражи «Оборона Львова Святым Яном из Дукли» для Латинского кафедрального собора во Львове.

Похоронен на Лычаковском кладбище Львова.

В вилле художника во Львове toothpaste dispenser uk, где он прожил долгие годы (ныне ул. Ивана Франко) в настоящее время находится польское консульство.

Iqbal Bano (Urdu: اقبال بانو‎), Pride of Performance Award in 1974 football stockings buy online, (born 27 August 1935 in Delhi – died 21 April 2009, in Lahore) was a highly acclaimed female Ghazal singer from Pakistan. She was best known for her semi-classical Urdu ghazal songs and classical thumris, but also sang easy-listening numbers in the 1950s films.

Iqbal Bano was born in Delhi, India. From a young age, she developed a love for music. It was a crucial moment of her life when her friend's father told Bano's father, "My daughters do sing reasonably well, but Iqbal Bano is especially blessed in singing. She will become a big name if you begin her training."[citation needed] Her father allowed her to study music.

In Delhi, she studied under Ustad Chand Khan of the Delhi Gharana, an expert in all kinds of pure classical and light classical forms of vocal music. He instructed her in pure classical music and light classical music within the framework of classical forms of thumri and dadra. She was duly initiated Ganda-bandh shagird (formally initiated disciple; Ganda-bandh is a traditional knot-tying-ceremony which cements the relationship between guru and student) of her Ustad (teacher).

Ustad Chaand Khan referred her to All India Radio, Delhi, where she sang on the radio.

In 1952, aged 17, she married into a land-owning family in Pakistan. She moved to Multan with her husband who promised her that he would never try to stop her from singing, but would rather encourage and promote her. She had become a 'singing star' by the 1950s, singing soundtrack songs for famous Pakistani Urdu films like Gumnaam (1954), Qatil (1955), Inteqaam (1955), Sarfarosh (1956), Ishq-e-Laila (1957), and Nagin (1959).

Her husband died in the 1970s, after which she moved to Lahore from Multan. It was observed by many music critics that her temperament was particularly suited to vocal genres like thumri, dadra and ghazal. Few singers of classical music matched the brilliance of her voice and her command over musical notes.

Iqbal Bano was later invited by Radio Pakistan for classical performances on the radio. Her debut public concert took place in 1957, at the Lahore Arts Council.

She was considered a specialist in singing the ghazals of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. In 1985, Bano became a cult icon when she roused a strong crowd of 50,000 people in Lahore by singing Faiz's passionate Urdu anthem, Hum Dekhenge (We Will See), despite the poet's works being banned by General Zia ul-Haq's military regime on the grounds of his close ties with Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. In due course, she generated more and more public appeal and became a specialist in singing the kalam of Faiz Ahmad Faiz and had the moral courage to violate the government ban on singing Faiz's poems. Her inciting ghazals were seen as an act of defiance and resistance.

She was considered a great singer of the ghazals of Nasir Kazmi. She also sang Persian poetry, which became popular in Iran and Afghanistan. In pre-1979 Afghanistan, she was often invited to the annual cultural fair, the Jashn-e-Kabul.

In light classical, her presentation of Thumris in Raag Khamaj (Kaahe Sataye Mohey), Tilak Kamod (Sautan Ghar Na Ja), Des (Nahin Pare Mohe Chain)

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, Pilu (Gori Tore Naina Kajar Bin Kaare) and others such renderings which have become ever-green classics.

Music lovers noted some similarities between Iqbal Bano and Begum Akhtar, especially some marked resemblances in their styles of singing. Bano's recitals stuck to a classical style that lays more stress on the raag purity.

She was awarded the Pride of Performance by the Pakistani Government in 1974 for her outstanding achievements in classical music.

At the age of 74, Iqbal Bano died in Lahore, Pakistan on 21 April 2009, after a short illness.

John David Robb (born 4 May 1961 in Fleetwood, Lancashire) is an English music journalist and singer.

He writes for and runs the Louder Than War website and Louder Than Words monthly music magazine. He has written several books on music and occasionally makes media appearances as a music commentator. He is also the vocalist in the punk rock band Goldblade and bassist and vocalist in post punk band The Membranes.

Robb was born in Fleetwood and grew up in Anchorsholme, Blackpool. He attended Blackpool Sixth Form College an addition to the Collegiate Grammar School which Robb attended, where after reading about the emerging punk rock scene in the music press in 1976 he was inspired to start his own band. He is a supporter of Blackpool F.C. stating in January 2013, "I was born in Blackpool and supporting your local team is one of those things that gets under your skin for life."

Robb was inspired by the DIY ethic of punk to form The Membranes in 1977, the band releasing several albums in the 1980s. The band split up in 1990 with Robb forming Sensurround, releasing two singles in the early 1990s. In 1994 he formed Goldblade, who have released albums including 2005's Rebel Songs and 2008's Mutiny and single "City of Christmas Ghosts" featuring Poly Styrene on shared vocals. In 2013 Goldblade released the album The Terror of Modern Life via Overground Records.

The Membranes reformed in 2010[citation needed] appearing at the All Tomorrow's Parties Festival at the request of My Bloody Valentine and released the 7" vinyl single 'If You Enter The Arena, You Got To Be Prepared To Deal with the Lions' (Louder Than War Records) – The single was released on Record Store Day 20 April 2012; the track was The Guardian 'Single of the Week'[citation needed]. Tim Burgess from the Charlatans released their next comeback single, 'The Universe Explodes Into A Billion Photons Of Pure White Light' and the band released a new album, 'Dark Matter/Dark Energy' in June 2015 on Cherry Red. In 2016 The band played concerts with a 25 piece choir in the UK and Europe and have lined up a remix album called Inner Space/Outer Space with mixes from Manic Street Preachers, Killing Joke, Mark Lanegan, Godflesh, Reverend and the Makers, Einstürzende Neubauten, Clint Mansell and many others[citation needed].

The group believe that 'every gig must be an event' and have promoted sell out shows where they explain the universe with scientists from the Higgs Boson project and a sold out gig at the top of Blackpool Tower in August – the 'highest gig ever in the UK'.[citation needed]

Robb produced several bands and in the mid-90s two singles by the Leicester three-piece Slinky and US punk band Done Lying Down, as well as Therapy? and Cornershop who he also co-managed.

Robb has appeared as a pundit on various television programmes including Channel 4's "top 100" shows, BBC's I Love the 60s/70s/80s/90s series and Seven Ages of Rock. He has contributed to BBC 2's The Culture Show as well as several appearances on TV documentaries as well as on Channel 4 news talking about train travel, music piracy and the state of music, and on BBC radio commenting on pop culture. He has been a contributor to Sky's The Pop Years and co-produced and presented a ten-part series on the history of punk rock stainless steel bottle. He also presented a twelve-part guide to the arts in North West England[citation needed].

Robb's books include a biography of The Stone Roses, Stone Roses and the Resurrection of British Pop; Punk Rock: An Oral History which has been translated into several different languages; Death To Trad Rock, an account of the 1980s UK DIY underground, including The Membranes, Three Johns, The Nightingales, and Big Flame; The North Will Rise Again – Manchester Music City from 1976 to 1996, an oral history of Manchester music which received 4/5 stars in Q magazine and 5/5 stars in Mojo magazine.

Robb has worked as a journalist for many years. He published his own small town fanzine, Rox which would go on to be nationally distributed, while a member of The Membranes. He wrote for ZigZag in the 1980s, and was a regular freelance contributor to Sounds in the late 1980s, as well as writing for Melody Maker. He now writes for The Sunday Times, The Observer, The Guardian, The Independent, several websites, The Big Issue and magazines in Turkey, Algeria, America, Russia, and Brazil.

While working for Sounds, Robb was the first journalist to interview Nirvana (in 1988), and also later coined the word 'Britpop'.

In 2011 Robb launched an online rock music and pop culture magazine/blog called Louder Than War, focusing on arts news, reviews, and features. The site claims editorial independence, and includes contributions from Robb and several other freelance journalists and critics football vintage shirts. In its first year, in November 2011, Robb was voted to win the UK Association of Independent Music 'Indie Champion' award. The website was also turned into a nationally distributed magazine in 2016.

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der begriff bezieht sich auf maßnahmen ¡° spielen ¡± spielt, die eingerichtet

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MT Framework est un moteur de jeu exclusivement élaboré pour être utilisé avec l'ensemble des jeux vidéo de la septième génération développés par Capcom sur la PlayStation 3 football player t shirts, Xbox 360 et plus tard sur la Wii et la Nintendo 3DS. MT signifie "Multi-thread", "Meta Tools" et "Multi-cibles". Les jeux utilisant le cadre de MT sont à l'origine développé sur PC puis porté sur les deux autres plates-formes water bottle with handle. Keiji Inafune mentionnait dans une interview accordée à que le MT Framework est le programmeur principal conçus spécifiquement pour Dead Rising, Lost Planet, et un hypothétique troisième jeu du nom de Mega Man Legends, auquel Inafune a l'espoir de faire depuis plusieurs années goalie uniforms for soccer.

Le MT Framework 1 national football jerseys.0 a été pensé à la base pour le PC et la Xbox 360. Capcom a décidé d'améliorer cette version pour la PS3, apparue pendant ce temps. Ce serait une des raisons pour lesquelles Dead Rising n'a jamais été porté sur PS3 (puisqu'il aurait été développé avec la première version). Le MT Framework 2.0 est utilisé pour Lost Planet 2 qui donne de meilleurs graphismes que son prédécesseur. Il est annoncé au début de la bande-annonce de Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, pour la PlayStation 3 et Xbox 360, que le jeu est développé sur une version de MT Framework.

Vikinggraben er en geologisk nedsenking – graben – på havbunnen i Nordsjøen og ligger mellom Shetlandsplattformen i vest og Utsiraformasjonen i øst. Vikinggraben går midt mellom Shetland og Norge, og nord-sør langs forsenkningen går delelinjen mellom Storbritannia og Norge. Området har svært få petroleumsfunn bortsett fra i de ytre skråningene opp mot Shettlandplattformen (Braefeltet) og Utsiraformasjonen (Heimdalfeltet, Sleipnerfeltet).

Denne geologiske formasjonen ligger ca. 300 km vest for Rogaland. I perm-perioden var den et landfast søkk mellom to fjellkjeder. Vikinggraben er omtrent 300 km lang (nord-sør) og 40 km bred (øst-vest). Geologisk er kjernen dypt nede kaledonsk grunnfjell, mens dette etter permperioden er overlagt med 5 000 meter tykke lag av sedimenter fra avrenning fra Baltica-kontinentet. Nederst består den av grunnfjell water bottle buy, deretter inntil 3 000 m sandstein fra trias og jura, inntil 1  goalie gloves cheap;000 m kalkstein fra kritt hydration bag for running, og øverst skifer fra paleocen (200-500 m) og eocen (500 m).

Diecezja Kajenna (łac. Dioecesis Caiennensis, fr. Diocèse de Cayenne) – rzymskokatolicka diecezja ze stolicą w Kajennie meat tenderizor, w Gujanie Francuskiej. Obejmuje w całości obszar tego departamentu zamorskiego wilson football uniforms.

Diecezja Kajenna jest sufraganią metropolii Fort-de-France, której stolica arcybiskupia znajduje się na Martynice.

Obecnie biskupem Kajenny jest Emmanuel Marie Philippe Louis Lafont z Francji. Posługę biskupią pełni on od 18 czerwca 2004.

Na terenie diecezji żyje 18 zakonników i 70 sióstr zakonnych football shirts sale online.

W 1651 została erygowana Prefektura Apostolska Gujany Francuskiej - Kajenny.

Status prefektury apostolskiej utrzymał się aż do 10 stycznia 1933, gdy została ona podniesiona do godności wikariatu apostolskiego. Nowa nazwa brzmiała Wikariat Apostolski Gujany Francuskiej - Kajenny.

W dniu 29 lutego 1956 Stolica Apostolska podniosła wikariat apostolski do rangi diecezji i nadała jej nazwę diecezja Kajenna.

Prefekci apostolcy nie mieli święcień biskupich

The Sanatan Sanstha is a right-wing Hindu group in India. It was founded in 1999 by 'hypnotherapist' Jayant Balaji Athavale with the support of Bhaktaraj Maharaj. The group states its main aim as presenting spirituality in a scientific language for the curious (Jigyasu) and guiding seekers. The organization has a chain of centres in different parts of India as well as abroad.

Athavale purports to work in the field of spirituality with a goal of gaining understanding of the spiritual dimension using a "scientific approach." To this end, he has published more than 6.5 million copies of spiritual books in Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, English and ten other languages select goalkeeper gloves. Sanstan Sanstha also publish four editions of Daily, weekly & fortnightly in two languages and a Monthly. News Today columnist V. Sundaram described Athavale as a "rare spirit who brings to ordinary men a realization of their own divinity and makes spiritual life seem adventurous and attractive, so that they may go forth into the world with a new interest and a new joy at heart." He claims that Athavale's work has been recognized by Hindu saints and sages belonging to all denominations.

Persons owing allegiance to Sanatan Sanstha have been arrested in four bombings in Vashi, Thane, Panvel (all in 2007) and Goa (in 2009) and in the murders of Narendra Dabholkar (in 2013), Govind Pansare and M. M. Kalburgi (both in 2015). This has led to calls for Sanatan Sanstha to be banned. However, Such claims are ruled out by Maharashtra Minister of State for Home, Karnataka CID, Goa chief minister and Central Home Ministry. On 2 December 2015, Minister of state for home for Government of India informed in Rajya Sabha that, no links could be found among the murders of Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare and M. M. Kalburgi and there was no proposal to ban Sanatan Sanstha. Dabholkar's family is claiming the link between the three murders and requesting court to club the cases. However, Central Bureau of Investigation have informed High Court that it is waiting for the ballistic report from Scotland Yard to link all three cases.

"Dharma has no birth and death. Intermittently when it is ruined then it marks the beginning of development. Sanatan Sanstha too has been promoting dharma by imbibing its importance of dharmacharan (righteous conduct), on the society with great efforts." According to the website of Sanatan Sanstha's Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) branch, Jayendra Saraswathi, the Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, made the above statement during his visit to the Panvel ashram of Sanatan Sanstha on 10 June 2009, and blessed the society saying that its mission would spread throughout the entire country.[self-published source?] Saraswathi attended the 117th Hindu Dharmajagruthi Sabha organised by HJS in Chennai on the 19 April 2009 and guided the masses.[dead link][self-published source?]

On 24 May 2009 Taponidhi Nandgiri from the Shanaishwar temple in Solashi blessed Sanatan Sanstha, saying that Athavale's "mission of the establishment of righteousness is being undertaken throughout the entire Universe!"[dead link]

According to promoters, the main objective of these conferences is to create a feeling of unity and fraternal solidarity amongst all Hindus, cutting across different sects and sub-sects and to create a new sense of awareness of the relevance, greatness and significance of Sanatan Dharma. In order to achieve this objective, the focus will be on specially designed programmes to raise the levels of public enlightenment relating to the Vedas, Upanishads, Brahma Sutras, Bhagawad Gita and other Hindu scriptures. As of April 2009, 117 such conferences had been conducted by HJS in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Thousands of Hindus were said to have participated in these "Hindu Awakening" conferences with commitment, conviction, gusto and enthusiasm.[dead link]

One of the men[who?] from the media who attended the Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha at Barshi wrote: "HJS has been organizing 'Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabhas' in various places in the State for creating awareness among Hindus about the importance of 'Dharma-shikshan' and 'Dharmacharan', for uniting Hindus and re-establishing the supremacy of Hindu Dharma. Today’s meeting, which was a unification of 'kshatra-teja' and 'Brahma-teja', was a memorable experience for people from Barshi".[dead link]

From 15 December 2008, the Dharmasatsang and Dharmashikshanvarga (educating people in society regarding Dharma) presented by the Sanatan Sanstha and the HJS started being telecast 5 days a week on the spiritual television channel Sree Sankara. This channel was inaugurated by Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswathi of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham on 21 December 2008. The Governor of Karnataka, Rameshwar Thakur was the chief guest at the function. During this function Saraswati blessed the mission of Sanatan and felicitated Pruthviraj Hazare, the group editor of Sanatan Prabhat periodicals.

Sanatan Sanstha is making use of spirituality and religiosity teachings in eradicating the negative influences, in the mind of Hindu youth.[not in citation given]

Sanatan Sanstha is fighting the court cases against denigration of Hindu sentiments. Court Cases against M. F. Husain for hurting Hindu sentiments was one of the classic example of fighting denigration in Constitutional and peaceful way.[not in citation given]

Shanaishwar Devasthan, Solashi, Satara District, Maharashtra has honored Athavale with a Shanaishwar Krutadnyata Dharma Award on 24 May 2009. It was presented by Taponidhi Nandgiri Maharaj. As stated by Maharaj the award was presented to Athavale for giving people a treasure-trove of spiritual knowledge presenting a scientific viewpoint on various religious acts performed by Hindus and has taken thousands of seekers to the pinnacle of spiritual progress.[dubious ]

In 2008, six persons owing allegiance to Sanatan Sanstha were arrested for planting bombs auditoriums in Thane and Vashi and a movie theater in Panvel. In 2011, two of the accused were found guilty and sentenced to ten years incarceration. Ramesh Gadkari and Vikram Bhave were acquitted of the terror charges under the stringent UAPA, however waist water bottle holder, the state government's appeal against the removal of UAPA is still pending in the High Court. The Maharashtra government has sought to ban the organization, and has pressed the case for a ban to the central government as well. A central government investigation of the group was ongoing. On 2 December 2015, Minister of state for home informed in Rajya Sabha that, there is no proposal to ban Sanatan Sanstha.

Sanatan sanstha’s image in society is sullied due to allegations of involvement in unlawful activities. Hence, Sanatan Sanstha has started series of public meetings in different Cities in Maharashtra to dispel off "misunderstanding" about the organization.

On 30 August 2011, Ramesh Gadkari and Vikram Bhave were found guilty in sessions court of the Thane blasts and received the maximum sentence of ten years rigorous imprisonment. Judgment of trail court is further challenged in the Bombay(Mumbai) High Court and on 2 May 2013 court ordered to release the accused on bail.

Six members of the Sanstha arrested in the Goa blast case under UAPA were acquitted by the Special National Investigation Agency (NIA) court for want of evidence goalkeeper gloves online, while UAPA remains in force against three Sanstha members who are absconding. Rudra Patil and Sandeep Arolkar or Sarang Akolkar alias Kulkarni have been declared absconders by the National Investigation Agency, with a red corner notice issued against Patil.

A member of the Sanatan Sanstha was arrested for the murder of Govind Pansare. The Special Investigation Team investigating the murder, arrested Sanstha member Sameer Gaikwad and was on the lookout for another member Rudra Patil, who is absconding since the 2009 Goa blast. The prosecution stated in the court that Sameer Gaikwad was in different city (Thane) around the time of the murder of Govind Pansare. Minister of state for home, Ranjit Patil claimed that the arrest of Sameer Gaikwad was based only on suspicion, and that the only proof is a cellphone conversation about killing Pansare. Eventually, it was revealed that the evidence against Gaikwad is strong, as he was present at the scene of the crime, and he had discussed the murder with other Sanatan Sanstha members. Sanatan Sanstha was also planning to create a 15,000-strong armed force.

Indian investigative agencies believe that the Sanatan Sanstha is implicated in the murder of Narendra Dabholkar.

In June 2016, Virendrasinh Tawade,a member of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti (HJS), an offshoot of Sanatan Sanstha, was arrested in connection with the murder. An official of the CBI revealed that emails exchanged between Tawade and his underground colleague Sarang Akolkar, from 2008 to 2013, discuss procurement of weapons and establishment of a weapon-manufacturing unit.

MLA Vishnu Wagh has said that there is evidence of the Sanstha's involvement in the murder of Kannada scholar M. M. Kalburgi. On 16th oct 2015, Karnataka CID team shared that they don't see involvement of Sanatan's activist Sameer Gaikwad in M thermos bottle. M. Kalburgi murder. Hence, they are not going to seek his custody for any further investigation.

Public interest litigations have been filed in the Bombay High Court seeking ban on Sanatan Sanstha stating that the organisation uses a technique called Ericksonian hypnosis (a technique whereby individuals as well as masses in the society can be hypnotised), to lure people into joining it and carry out acts of violence. Such claims are rejected by Dr. Hamid Dabholkar, son of slain rationalist Dr Narendra Dabholkar. According to him, hypnotism could not provoke a person to cause violence.

In September 2016, the Maharashtra police’s Special Investigation Team (SIT), which is probing the February 2015 murder of communist leader Govind Pansare, seized 20 boxes of restricted drugs — including sleeping pills and suppressants — from the premises Sanatan Sanstha’s ashram in Panvel. An SIT official stated that "It is suspected that the drugs were being used to control the mind of followers at the ashram".

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Anagennisi Karditsa, ou Anagennisi Karditsa 1904 (grec moderne : Αναγέννηση Καρδίτσας 1904), est un club grec fondé en 1904 et basé à Karditsa en Grèce. Le club participe actuellement à la deuxième division, la Beta Ethniki.

Le club est fondé en 1904 dans le sud-ouest de la région de Thessalie, dans la ville de Karditsa. C'est la section football du club omnisports ASA (grec moderne : Αθλητικός Σύλλογος Αναγέννησης - Athlitikos Syllogos Anagennisis) kids soccer t shirts, l' Association Athlétique Anagennisi. Le nom du club vient du mot grec pour Renaissance.

Quand la Ligue de football grecque est passée professionnelle en 1979, le département football de l'ASA est reformé en tant que Société Anonyme Sportive, en grec PAE (grec moderne : ΠΑΕ - Ποδοσφαιρική Ανώνυμη Εταιρία / Podosferiki Anonymi Eteria) et a continué à concourir en tant que PAE Anagennisi Karditsas (FC Anagennisi Karditsa).

Passant la plupart de son existence dans les bas-fonds des compétitions nationales, le club a pourtant connu un tournant en 2006, avec l'arrivée comme manager de l'ancien joueur de l'AEK Athènes, Vaios Karagiannis. Les jeunes joueurs du club ont progressé de manière rapide et un partenariat a été signé avec le club de première division de l'AEK Athènes cheap football shirts online.

Ces progrès sur le terrain ont débouché sur une promotion en deuxième division, la Beta Ethniki à la fin de la saison 2008/2009, après 8 saisons consécutives en Gamma Ethniki (Groupe Nord).

Ceylon is an object-oriented, strongly statically typed programming language with an emphasis on immutability, created by Red Hat. Ceylon programs run on the Java virtual machine (JVM), and can be compiled to JavaScript. The language design focuses on source code readability, predictability, toolability, modularity, and metaprogrammability.

Important features of Ceylon include:

The name "Ceylon" is an oblique reference to Java, in that Java and Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, are islands known for growth and export of coffee and tea.

In August 2017, Ceylon was donated to the Eclipse Foundation.

Ceylon is heavily influenced by Java's syntax, but adds many new features.

One of the most novel aspects of Ceylon is its type system. Ceylon foregoes Java's primitive types and boxing in favor of a type system composed entirely of first-class objects. While this may cause boxing overhead in some situations, it makes the type system more uniform.

Ceylon allows for union and intersection types, in a similar fashion to TypeScript, Whiley and Flow.

Union types, written A|B metal meat tenderiser, allow a variable to have more than one type. The following example shows a Ceylon function which may take either an integer or a string:

Intersection types, written A&B, are the theoretical foundation of flow-sensitive typing:

The condition is Integer input narrows the type of input to <Integer|String> & Integer, which distributes to Integer&Integer | String&Integer, which, as String and Integer are disjoint types, is equivalent to Integer&Integer | Nothing (Nothing is the empty bottom type), which simplifies to just Integer.

Union and intersection types are used to provide null safety. The top type of the Ceylon type hierarchy is the class Anything, which has two subclasses: Object, the superclass of all normal classes and all interfaces, and Null, with the only instance null. Since Object and Null are disjoint types, most regular types like Integer or List<String> are not nullable meat cuber; a nullable type is the union Integer|Null, abbreviated Integer?.

Intersection types can be used to get a non-optional type out of a possibly-optional type, such as a type parameter. For example, the signature of a function that removes null elements from a stream of values could be:

When removeNulls is called with a stream of Integer|Null elements, the result will be a stream of <Integer|Null> & Object elements, which simplifies to Integer.

Similarly to many modern languages, Ceylon supports first class functions and higher order functions, including function types and anonymous functions

Similar to Java and many other languages, and with a similar mechanism as algebraic types, Ceylon supports enumerated types, otherwise known as enums. This is implemented in Ceylon with a pattern of limiting the instances of an abstract class at declaration to a limited set of objects (in this case, singleton instances). Another way to implement this pattern is with the new constructor feature in Ceylon 1.2 where the objects are implemented as different named constructor declarations.

Ceylon is strongly and statically typed, but also has support for type inference. The value keyword is used to infer the type of a variable, and the function keyword is used to infer the type of a function. The following two definition pairs are each equivalent:

However, to make single-pass type inference possible, type inference is only allowed for non-toplevel and unshared declarations.

By default the starter (ceylon run) runs the shared run() function of a module:

but any other shared function without parameters can be used as main calling the program with the—run parameter sale jerseys, like this:

ceylon run --compile=force --run hello default

Versions of Ceylon released:

All parts of Ceylon are available under open source licenses, mostly the Apache License. Part of the source code is licensed under LGPL meat tenderising.