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Saint-Gervais (okzitanisch: Sent Gervasi) ist eine französische Gemeinde mit 1.738 Einwohnern (Stand: 1. Januar 2014) im Département Gironde in der Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Die Gemeinde gehört zum Arrondissement Blaye und zum Kanton Le Nord-Gironde (bis 2015: Kanton Saint-André-de-Cubzac). Die Einwohner werden Gervaisiens genannt.

Saint-Gervais liegt etwa 22 Kilometer nordnordöstlich von Bordeaux am Ästuar der Dordogne. Umgeben wird Saint-Gervais von den Nachbargemeinden Saint-Laurent-d’Arce im Norden, Virsac im Osten und Nordosten, Saint-André-de-Cubzac im Süden und Südosten, Saint-Vincent-de-Paul im Süden und Südwesten sowie Prignac-et-Marcamps im Westen what is the best way to tenderize beef.

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Den här artikeln innehåller årtal, datum och händelser i Harry Potter-serien.

Många årtal tillkom tidigt 2006, då J.K. Rowling gav ut ett handskrivet exemplar av familjen Blacks släktträd. Det innehöll födelseårtalet på en av Harrys klasskamrater cheap wholesale socks, Draco Malfoy, som alltså föddes 1980 football socks. Draco Malfoy började studera på Hogwarts då han var elva år, och det gör att hans (och Harrys) sorteringceremoni var den 1 september 1991.

Familjen Blacks släktträd var likadant som det som fanns i Grimmaldiplan 12, i Harry Potter och Fenixorden. En del medlemmar i familjen har fått sina namn och födelseårtal bortbrända (av Walburga Black). Det finns inget direkt årtal som berättar när Sirius Black föddes, och det gör det oklart exakt när han, James Potter, Lily Evans, Peter Pettigrew waterproof running bag, Remus Lupin och Severus Snape fanns på Hogwarts. Några små fel med tiden finns i böckerna authentic football jerseys. Till exempel skriver Harry Potter ett brev i Harry Potter och den flammande bägaren om att Dudley Dursley har förstört sitt Sony PlayStation. Detta hände någon gång under sommaren 1994, men Sony Playstation släpptes inte förrän i december 1994 i Japan, och inte förrän 1995 i Europa. Det måste alltså ha varit en prototyp som Dursleys hade hemma hos sig.

Att Dudley hade en Playstation redan sommaren 1994 och att Harry började på Hogwarts 1991 kunde man dock räkna ut redan i den andra boken, då spöket "Nästan Huvudlöse Nick" där firade sin 500:e dödsdag och han dog 1492 (alltså var året 1992).

Datumen bygger på J.K. Rowlings böcker och uttalanden samt på familjen Blacks släktträd som gavs ut år 2006 av J.K. Rowling. Vissa datum baseras även på de samlarkort med trollkarlar som getts ut. Allt baseras också på antagandet att Harry Potter föddes 1980.

Tidigt 1000-tal: Klyftan mellan Salazar Slytherin och de övriga grundarna blir allt större och det slutar med att Slytherin lämnar Hogwarts.

Harry Potter

Yi In-hwa (born January 5, 1966) (Hangul: 이인화) is a South Korean writer, literary critic and professor

Yi was born Lyou Chul-gyun in Daegu in 1966. When young, he was inspired by his father, a professor of Korean Language and Literature at Kyungpook National University, to become a novelist one day. During his high school years, Yi won awards for various national creative writing competitions. However, after entering college, he changed his career path to become a literary critic. There, he made his debut in 1988 with a critical essay called “Study of Yang Guija” (Yang Guija ron) which was published in Literature and Society, a Korean quarterly literary magazine. After this waterproof running bag, he was editor for a couple of literary magazines. Several years later, he published his first novel meat tenderization, Who Is It That Can Tell Me Who I Am (1992), ultimately becoming a novelist. His pen name, Yi In-hwa, is a character from Korean classical novel writer Yom Sang-seop's work, Before the Cries of 'Manse' (1922).

Yi first started his career in 1995 as Korean Literature Professor at Ewha Womans University in central Seoul before getting his Ph.D. After spending 10 years in the department of Korean Literature, he changed his concentration to digital storytelling, becoming professor of Division of Digital Media at Ewha Womans University.

Yi was attracted to the field of digital storytelling in that he started to get addicted to MMORPG. He frequently stated that he was a huge fan of MMORPG Lineage. He applied his creative writing theories to digital storytelling mainly targeted to games. He is considered to be a pioneer in the Korean digital storytelling field.

As can be deduced from its title which is taken from Hamlet, Who Can Tell Me Who I Am (1992) depicts the madness of 1980s Korea and questions whether anyone was able to find his true self in that era. Yi's critical attitude toward the 80s may be a necessary step before ushering in 1990s literature, but it has often been criticized for its one-dimensional belittlement of a painful era in Korean modern history.

Yi was an unusual author for the era in that he was a supporter of the Park Chung-hee regime and in his novel The Path of Human(1997-1998) presented Park as an unequivocal hero, a stance that quickly caught the attention of the press. As a member of the so-called 3-8-6 Generation in Korea, Park would have been expected to be anti-dictator and pro-democracy, but he was not. The book sparked huge controversy among Korean intellectuals, making Yi one of the ultra-conservative novelists. Recently, he is depicted as a rather progressive figure because of his ardent opposition to Korean ruling Saenuri Party's online game regulation act.

Everlasting Empire (1993), modeled after Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose, borrows elements of a detective novel in tracing the mystery surrounding the death of Prince Sado and his son King Jeongjo. An entertaining novel with potential for mass appeal, Everlasting Empire was also embroiled in much controversy due to the author’s over-interpretation of history and the conservative statements he made. Yi’s works, in general where can i buy a sweater shaver, shows a strong political leaning: at times, it is as though the author borrows the pages of his own novel to express his political views and promote the awareness of certain socio-political and historical issues. This book is one of Yi's notable works, being million seller nationwide.

His latest fiction, Inferno 9 (2012), was originally developed for the online game under the same name. The book is about intellectually intensified humans going inside a dream world to solve a mystery. The relationship between the real world and dream world is thoroughly described in the story, combined with his fantastic creativity inspired from games.

Yi and his team under the support of NCSOFT developed a scenario writing-helping software called 'Storyhelper'(2013). Its concept is similar to existing software such as Dramatica. The programs helps you design the story you want to write and examine how it is similar to existing stories. Storyhelper has accumulated and analyzed existing stories into 205 motives and about 120,000 factors from 1406 movies. Regarding the criticism of Storyhelper invading the writer's ability of being creative their own story, Yi explained that Storyhelper could not create the whole story for you, it just rather helps writers to design and conceive their stories in the first place. The program is opened for free online at